Fotografía del Refugio

Hello everybody!

We’re a small group of people in Spain, friends and animal lovers.

We work all year round, 7/7, trying to relief the suffering of the animals in Andalucía. As animal rescuers we try to pursue a full integration of a animals into a family. We try to explain the importance of castration and the importance of not abandoning their animals like objects, because they aren’t toys, the law must change in a zero tolerance towards animal abuse, killing.

All work done in the Shelter is on voluntary basic, non-profit.

Our objectives is rescuing stray animals and fetching abandoned dogs out of the killingstation. We work with the animals to recover both their physical and mental health, finally we try to find the right perfect family for each dog, which they deserve!!!

In 1998, our adventure began. Ashelter nearby closed and needed desperately needed our help.. A few years passed witch where filles with joy, sadness, problems like any other shelter. In our case, all of these problems led us to our dream and the realisation of our dream called ESTACIÓN ESPERANZA, STATION OF HOPE.

Plans projects, meetings.. Everything you need to start this grat project and not forgetting the most important issue.. Where to fing the financial sources?

With a mortgage still handing over our house, with private help of some few kind people, our efforts, hard work, sacrifice all this is necessary to make our dream come true, our refuge Estación Esperanza.

El Refugio

We’re a little excited and motivated group working for animal welfare.

The founders of the association: Jesús and Ana

Jesús y Ana

Jesús y Ana