Just look in them


Expect and need a family

Are wonderful dogs who long wish a family!!

They're very important and they need you!

Share with your family, teach your photos to your friends.. Who knows!! Somewere in this family can have a beautiful future!. Help them fulfill their dreams.


Buck up!

Be foster home saves lives! The foster homes are very important and necessary for us

We need you!

We need right people with love for doggies that can temporarily host our protected.
There're doggies for a home environment is very important. Being as pair is a way to collaborate very important. Thank you!!

Collaborate Your help and collaboration is urgent and necessary


If you want you can send your donation...


Our furry friends need you... Only with your help we can give them the most great opportunity to find them a place called home, adoption, if you can't adopt maybe you could welcome them temporarily in your home...

Spread the word

To find a family as soon as possible to increase the chance of adoption please publish and promote our furry friends...


Many things are necessary in a schelter, medicines, blankets, dog collars, leach... Everything is useful and will be used.

Purchase of articles

There are contributors who make beautiful unique handcrafted items, proceeds will go to the castration project.


Contributing 1€ a month is helping to build a future for the doggies at refuge Estación Esperanza, Monachil, Spain)